Thursday, September 4, 2014

About The Toyz Nation Gaming League

The ToyzNation Gaming League (TNGL) is an interscholastic gaming league that bridges the digital divide by providing technology along with an opportunity for students of diverse backgrounds to bond thru gaming and develop career skills and business opportunities in the following fields and industries: Augment reality, wearable technology, web development, auto design, biometrics, tracking software, interactive software, enterprise solutions, cloud infrastructure, IT, mobile applications and software, prototyping, game development, signals and sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, image processing, search and data processing, speech technology, user interfaces, and computer programing.

Hardware used in the gaming league is engineered and designed by 18-year-old Thiel Fellowship 20 Under 20 Finalist, Wole Idowu. (Peter Thiel is angel investor behind Facebook, invented Paypal). He was also featured on the CNBC special 20 Under 20 Transforming Tomorrow (Currentlyavailable at at 15 when he graduated high school and is currently a Junior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Electrical and Computed Engineering while doing research at the Institute of Complex Engineered Systems. 

Additional career development tools are provided for the students by the Official Guide for The Modern Entrepreneur, Owners Illustrated Magazine. For the past 12 years Owners Illustrated Magazine has been at the forefront of covering areas of Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle of the 18-49 demographic. Lessons learned from the experts featured will serve as a foundation for a flexible curriculum to teach students about career options in a wide range of industries. Magazine features have ranged from cultural icons like Russell Simmons and 50 cent, to business titans like the Chairman of the Board of Management at Daimler Benz, Dr Deiter Zetsche, and game design icon Cliff Bleszinski.

For More Information Contact: Damola Idowu, EIC ToyzNation & Owners Illustrated Magazines (202) 607-3629 Obawole Idowu, TNGL Commissioner (240) 452-7065

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